Telecommunications are difficult without constant energy and storage. The community has a     telecommunications tower which is very much government controlled – it does however allow for telephone signals to be used in the valley but the signal often comes and goes and often the community loses contact for long periods. 

The Cultural Centre that the Foundation is building will have solar energy and a system to maintain consistent power / electricity – it is hoped that the Foundation can support the Telemedicine Project and communications throughout the valley in some way and ideas are being discussed presently. 

Early on in 2007 the Foundation provided the first internet communications to the valley however sadly the system did not last long as no-one mentioned that lightning rods should be deployed!!


Restoration of a small cemetery. We would like to work with the Canaima community to help restore a small cemetery – here are buried three or four folks that were involved in the development of Canaima as a destination. Two of whom are Charles Baughan who discovered Canaima Lagoon  and Alejandro Laime one of the most famous explorers of the area.